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Pharmaceutical Waste Solutions

Pharmaceutical Waste Solutions

Industry leading solutions that increase safety and decrease the risks pharmaceutical waste pose on your facility.

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Navigating Pharmaceutical Waste Regulations

Staying compliant with the various federal, state and local regulations of pharmaceutical waste disposal and management can be overwhelming. There are a number of factors that need to be evaluated and managed, such as:

  • The facility type and size of your operation and services
  • The volume of pharmaceutical waste your facility produces
  • The segregation of controlled substances, hazardous drugs and non-hazardous drugs
  • The required disposal processes, devices and containers
  • The level of knowledge and participation maintained by your staff

Stericycle’s pharmaceutical waste solutions are designed to help you be compliant and navigate through the complex processes of pharmaceutical waste disposal.

To help reduce the impact of pharmaceutical waste on the environment, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has signed and will soon be publishing the Final Rule on the management of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals. Stericycle has been closely following EPA activity on this rulemaking and several weeks after the Final Rule is published to the Federal Register, we will provide a Regulatory Summary

In addition to staying compliant, health care facilities face many pharmaceutical waste challenges. There’s drug diversion and its effects on the quality of patient care, community safety and overall business success. There are a number of concerns and studies on the adverse effects of drug waste on our environment and communities. Visit Stericycle’s Knowledge Center to learn more about how health care leaders have faced these challenges and resources to help you resolve them.