Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Industry-leading pharmaceutical waste solutions to protect your patients, employees, and the environment.

Together, We Can Protect Our Communities and the Environment

Safe, Compliant, and Efficient

Stericycle’s pharmaceutical waste solutions are designed for healthcare facilities to efficiently manage pharmaceutical waste. Our comprehensive services include waste characterization, staff training, and ongoing support for your team members to help ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Industry Leader in Pharmaceutical Waste Management

We manage over 40 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste annually for healthcare facilities of every size from small physician offices to the largest IDNs across the country.

Protecting the Environment and Your Communities

Stericycle was a pioneer of eco-conscious pharmaceutical waste disposal and to this day, we’re committed to the innovation of new products and services to help our customers reach their sustainability goals. Additionally, Stericycle’s CsRx controlled substance waste service and Safe Community Solutions protect your healthcare organization and community from drug diversion.

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Drug Disposal Service for Clinics and Practitioners

Stericycle’s Drug Disposal Service is a simple and easy solution for small hospitals and non-acute healthcare settings such as physician offices, clinics, and nursing homes that want to pursue eco-conscious pharmaceutical waste management with reliable collection and disposal.

Our team will tailor the program to your organization’s needs and provide easy to use tools for identifying your waste, all the necessary containers, and convenient online training on our customer portal,, to help ensure your business stays safe and compliant.

Pharmaceutical Waste Compliance Service for Hospitals & Hospitals and Health Systems

Stericycle’s Pharmaceutical Waste Compliance Service is the most cost-effective solution for hospitals and their affiliates to manage hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. Stericycle can develop custom solutions driven by efficiency, compliance, and sustainability:

  • Waste characterization and identification of RCRA hazardous and/or DOT hazardous materials, as well as DEA and state-specific classifications
  • Containers for the facility-wide segregation and collection of pharmaceutical waste
  • Training programs and material for staff
  • Guidance on proper packaging and labeling
  • Tracked and documented shipping
  • Ongoing Aftercare support

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Patient Medication and Controlled Substance Waste Disposal

MedDrop Medication Collection Kiosks

MedDrop provides consumers a location to dispose of unused and expired medications. By hosting a kiosk, your hospital or pharmacy can increase community engagement, prevent drug abuse, and protect the environment.

Seal&Send Consumer Medication Mail Back

Safe, sustainable, and trackable medication mail back envelopes allow your patients to dispose of medication at home, mitigating community drug diversion and environmental risks.

CsRx Controlled Substance Waste Service

Mitigate diversion of controlled substance wastage within your organization with a safe and secure solution utilized by hospitals, clinics, long-term care, and veterinary facilities.

Why Stericycle?

Your Single Nationwide Partners

We manage all healthcare regulated waste streams, and offer related compliance support such as training and educational materials. Our network of localized team members across the country maintain a 97% on-time pickup rate.1

Your Risk Reduction Experts

Our Regulatory Affairs team under Environmental Health & Safety keeps up to date with regulatory changes and engages with federal, state, and local agencies as needed to help keep our customers informed and compliant.

Your Sustainability Champion

In 2022, Stericycle recycled 1 billion pounds of paper, incinerated 38 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste, and helped our customers divert 101 million pounds of plastic from landfills by using reusable sharps and pharmaceutical waste containers rather than single-use containers.1

1. Source: Stericycle data, 2022

Full-Service Pharmaceutical Waste Management by Stericycle can improve waste segregation and compliance


of survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed, their 3rd party pharmaceutical waste management service meets waste segregation and compliance needs

“Quality of the service is good, it has met our needs in that everything has a place and gets disposed of safely for personnel and for the environment.”

– Registered Pharmacist with Stericycle Pharmaceutical Waste Service

Source: Full Service Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal for Hospitals, 2022

The Full Service Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal for Hospitals whitepaper is based on an independently administered nationwide blind survey of 200 registered nurses and pharmacists in hospital acute care settings in the US.

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