Regulated Medical Waste & Compliance Solutions Pricing

For over 30 years, Stericycle has been working with facilities of all sizes to help them compliantly manage their medical waste disposal and OSHA and HIPAA regulatory requirements. From regulated medical waste disposal, sharps management, and pharmaceutical waste disposal, to OSHA and HIPAA compliance solutions, we've got you covered.

Our suite of integrated solutions help protect patients, staff, and the community and are designed to help you improve safety, reduce risk, drive efficiencies and cost savings, and achieve sustainability goals.   

We have the expertise and experience to take on complicated and essential services, helping companies manage their businesses compliantly and safely.

Regulated Medical Waste Solutions

Compliant disposal of regulated medical, trace chemo, and pathological wastes
  • Industry leader with over 30 years of expertise
  • Tailored full-service regulated medical waste solutions
  • 24/7 online access to manage your pickup schedule, make payments, and access shipping documents and invoices
  • Online training and compliance resources related to various federal and state-specific regulations

Compliance Solutions

Customized solutions helping to navigate complex regulatory requirements
  • Personalized on-site training and support from our in-house OSHA and HIPAA compliance experts 
  • On-demand access to comprehensive OSHA and HIPAA resources and online training modules
  • Customizable solution options from online self-serve to hands-on with our compliance educators
  • Ability to pair compliance solutions with medical waste disposal service

Pharmaceutical Waste Solutions

Industry leading solutions to protect our communities and the environment
  • Services include waste characterization, staff training, and ongoing support 
  • Tailored solutions to the needs of your healthcare organization
  • Consumer Medication Disposal Solutions and Controlled Substance Waste Disposal options
  • Pharmaceutical waste disposal and shipping papers to maintain compliance with applicable regulations

Waste Solutions

Comprehensive management of sharps waste with our convenient and safe solution options
  • Custom full service and self-service options for container exchange
  • Variety of reusable, disposable, and mail back container options
  • Maintain critical regulatory compliance with sharps disposal and documentation
  • Sharps waste disposal and shipping papers to maintain compliance with applicable regulations


Hospitals, Health Systems, and Corporate Healthcare

Stericycle’s comprehensive medical waste services are utilized by the largest health networks across the U.S. 

We provide solutions tailored to each environment of care, and work alongside your staff to increase safety, compliance, sustainability, and cost optimization. Every day, we work behind the scenes protecting what matters so people can work in a safe environment, live in a healthier community, and enjoy the world around us. Discover the benefits of standardization throughout your organization’s sites of care: 

  • Reduced administrative burden with consolidated invoicing, centralized reporting, and dedicated account management
  • Risk management with consistent safety and compliance practices and an unmatched nationwide network to ensure business continuity in times of crisis as well as when your network expands   
  • Partnership alignment with your organization’s goals in innovation, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness.  

We welcome the opportunity to serve you & your team with our award-winning solutions! 

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