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OSHA Training, Classes, & Compliance Solutions

We offer flexible onsite or web-based OSHA training to ensure facility and staff compliance. Our customized approach and customer portal make managing compliance easy. 

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Keep Your Staff and Business Safe with the OSHA Training and Compliance Experts 


No Fine. No Fail.  OSHA Guarantee
Ensuring you'll be 100% compliant with your BBP and medical waste management practices - of we'll pay your OSHA-related fines.

Customized Solutions, Including On-Site Trainers
Offering onsite or web-based support, along with site-level reporting and tools to build and update comprehensive safety plans. Customer Portal
Making it easy to stay on top of health care regulatory requirements with online training and tools available 24/7.  

Trusted Experts
Serving over 1 million customers to keep facilities of all sizes safe and compliant. 




See Which OSHA Training and Compliance Solution is Right For You 

Service Offering Steri·Safe® OSHA Compliance Solutions Steri·Safe® OSHA Preferred Compliance Solutions

Dedicated Occupational Safety Specialists: On-site Mock OSHA evaluation, Ongoing year-round support 


Annual On-site Training: On-site Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) training, On-site Hazard Communication Awareness training


No Fine. No Fail. OSHA Guarantee: We ensure you'll be 100% compliant with your BBP and medical waste management practices - or we'll pay your OSHA-related fines Online Training Center: Award-winning BBP training, DOT training, Biohazardous Waste training, and more

Records Management: Safety Data Sheet management system with more than 10 million MSDS/SDSs available

Safety Meeting Library: Training modules covering 20+ timely topics including infection control, risk reduction and hazard communication 

Automated Safety Plans: Safety and Health Plan/Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Exposure Control Plan, Hazard Communication Program and more

Aerosol Transmissible Diseases: California Aerosol Transmissable Diseases (ATD) Plan and Training

Workplace Posters and Labels: OSHA Labor poster, waste and safety posters

Ongoing Education: Safety Matters newsletter, access to webinars

Why Steri•Safe Compliance Solutions?

Simple, Professional Service

Expert Partners by Your Side

One Source, Countless Solutions

We’ve designed our operations to deliver convenience, with minimal intrusion into your busy schedule. Using on-demand digital tools and professional drivers with a 99.7%1 on-time track record, we keep your back office running smoothly.

Our team of in-house OSHA and HIPAA experts provide deep knowledge when and where you want it. From online training to live audits to acute response, Stericycle partners with you to manage both day to day needs and unexpected situations.

From biohazardous and pharmaceutical waste to OSHA & HIPAA training to medical products, Stericycle offers an unparalleled breadth of services. Build a package that’s right for you, and we’ll grow our partnership alongside your business.

1. Stericycle data, RMW Missed Stops Report, YTD August 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OSHA?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensures that employees work in a safe environment by setting and enforcing standards, and by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance. Organizations are OSHA compliant once they have adhered to all applicable regulations.  

How can my organization become OSHA compliant?

To become OSHA compliant, organizations must first understand OSHA standards and interpretation letters, and how they impact their workforce. Full details are provided on OSHA’s website. Stericycle’s Steri-SafeSM  OSHA Compliance Solutions can help you ensure your organization is compliant.

What are OSHA standards for healthcare?

OSHA requires healthcare employers to provide workers with a safe workplace, free from any known hazards that cause or are likely to cause injury or death. When healthcare organizations are compliant with OSHA, they can provide more consistent staff and patient safety, higher employee morale and retention, and enhanced patient satisfaction and quality care. OSHA regulations continue to evolve to meet environmental, scientific, and safety standards. To get the most comprehensive standards for healthcare facilities, please contact Stericycle for further support. 

What is the OSHA inspection process?

The OSHA inspection process includes several steps which your Stericycle Expert can help you prepare for. After completing our training, you and your staff will be prepared for meeting OSHA standards and keeping your workplace safe. For those with larger facilities or looking for more personal attention, we offer onsite training with OSHA Educators to ensure your staff are well-prepared for OSHA inspection.  

OSHA's website offers resources on their inspections so you can be aware of their policies, priorities and more.

When can OSHA inspect my facility and how should I prepare?

OSHA can potentially inspect any workplace.  The agency has specific inspection priorities such as: Imminent danger situations, severe injuries and illnesses, worker complaints, referrals, targeted inspections and follow up inspections.  These inspections could include a phone, fax or onsite investigation.   

Onsite inspection could feel intimidating so understanding the process and knowing what to prepare for is important.  Once the OSHA inspector is on site you could expect the following activities: 

  • Presentation of credentials
  • Opening conference
  • Walkaround
  • Closing conference

During this process, they may request additional information and records or could request to speak individually with employees.  In the closing conference, OSHA will often outline any potential issues they found and will follow up with written documentation of any violations.  

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