Why Steri-Safe Compliance Solutions?

Convenience, Expertise, and a One-Stop-Shop. Organizations of all sizes trust Steri-Safe® Compliance Solutions to help protect what matters. 

Expert Partners by Your Side

Our team of in-house HIPAA and OSHA experts provide deep knowledge when and where you want it. From online and in-person training to live audits to acute response, Stericycle partners with you to manage both day to day needs and unexpected situations.

When you follow our program and recommendations, we ensure you’ll be 100% compliant with your bloodborne pathogens (BBP) and medical waste management practices, and we’ll pay your OSHA-related penalties in those areas. 

Feature included as part of our Steri-Safe OSHA Preferred and Steri-Safe Platinum Offerings

We have a team of dedicated HIPAA and OSHA experts ready to help you create new or update existing compliance programs. Their experience serving facilities like yours allows them to point out key areas of risk and provide actionable recommendations during their on-site review of your facility.

We have developed an assortment of online trainings related to OSHA compliance, HIPAA compliance, medical waste disposal, and Department of Transportation training. Additionally, we provide you access to proprietary HIPAA policy templates, OSHA Safety Plan Templates and our Safety Data Sheets database.

Our in-house Regulatory Team is always at the forefront of understanding how changes in legislation, government, and industry events will impact customers and their operations. We advocate for your best interests and provide expert guidance on how you can adhere to new rules and regulations.

Simple, Professional Service

We’ve designed our operations to deliver convenience, with minimal intrusion into your busy schedule. Using on-demand digital tools and professional drivers with a 98%1 on-time track record, we keep your back office running smoothly.

1. Stericycle Annual Data, 2020

With over 30 years of experience serving facilities like yours, we take care of compliant pickup, treatment, and disposal of your medical waste, so you can quickly and easily get back to what matters most – your patients.

With more than 6,000 trucks in our fleet and friendly Stericycle drivers picking up your waste, you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. In fact, our customers highly rate our drivers when it comes to customer satisfaction1.

Source: Stericycle data, 2020

Stericycle has over 130 locations across the United States. Our network of local regulated medical waste treatment and transfer facilities allow us to serve you quickly day-to-day and in times of urgency.

With 87% of inquiries resolved on the first call1, we are focused on creating customer service experiences where our team members can provide you with the answers you are looking for quickly and efficiently to save you time and money.

Source: Stericycle data, 2020

Whether you want to access your shipping documents and waste manifests or have visibility into where your waste is in our process, our operational tools and resources will give you the transparency you require for peace of mind.

One Source, Countless Solutions

From biohazardous and pharmaceutical waste to HIPAA and OSHA training to medical products, Stericycle offers an unparalleled breadth of services. Build a package that’s right for you, and we’ll grow our partnership alongside your business.

Our suite of services can be customized to meet the requirements of your facility. Whether you need additional pickups or containers of various sizes, we will work together to develop a solution best for you.

Whether you want to take compliance into your own hands and manage through our online tools and resources, or partner with one of our in-house compliance experts, we have solutions that fit your situation. We work with you how you need us to.

We offer a variety of services ranging from biohazardous and pharmaceutical waste disposal to HIPAA and OSHA compliance and secure information destruction. Let us help you effectively manage various regulated waste streams and keep your staff and facility safe and secure.

By consolidating all your waste management and compliance services with us, you have the added benefit of freeing up time for your employees as they will process fewer invoices. You can also manage all your services with our proprietary customer portal, MyStericycle.com.

Contact us today to book a compliance consultation.

Compliance Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Steri-Safe OSHA Compliance Solutions

Customize your OSHA training and compliance program with support from our in-house OSHA experts and online access to training and compliance materials when you need them.

Steri-Safe HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Customize your HIPAA training and compliance program with support from our in-house HIPAA experts and online access to training and compliance materials to keep patient privacy protected.

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