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e-Manifest Requirements Streamline Hazardous Waste Shipping Documentation

20 June 2018

“e-Manifest” Requirements Streamline Hazardous Waste Shipping Documentation

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a national system to electronically track hazardous waste shipments. Called e-Manifest, the program is designed to modernize “cradle-to-grave” hazardous waste tracking, shifting it away from paper and toward a more automated process.

All hazardous waste pickup performed June 30 or later must comply with the e-Manifest requirements. Hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs) must submit manifest data to the EPA for the shipments they receive. The EPA will maintain the data in its publicly accessible system, funding the technology’s development and upkeep by charging TSDFs a per-manifest fee. Stericycle is prepared to comply with all new data submission requirements related to the e-Manifest program. Paper hazardous waste manifest forms can continue to be used after June 30, provided that the manifest data is sent to EPA via one of the approved submission methods.

What to Expect with the EPA’s e-Manifest System

There are many positives associated with the new hazardous waste electronic management system, including:

1. Reduced Costs

As reliance on paper drops, so will the costs of generating, storing and sharing hazardous waste manifests.

2. Improved Efficiency

Although not required, electronic manifests will be easier and faster to generate for those using it. The system will allow for more timely information capture about hazardous waste shipments and facilitate rapid notification of any problems or discrepancies in a particular shipment.

3. Better Communication

The e-Manifest database will serve as a single hub for manifest data reporting for use by the EPA and states.

4. Stronger Compliance

The electronic manifest system will facilitate easier compliance monitoring by various regulators. There is the potential for integrating manifest reporting with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) reporting, and other federal and state information systems.

How to Stay Informed as e-Manifest Regulations Evolve

There are several logistic items regarding the e-Manifest data submission process—including the per-manifest fee structure—that are still in flux. It is also important to note that the Department of Transportation (DOT) will continue to require paper shipping documents unless the hazardous materials regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations are amended to more closely align with those of the EPA.

As the requirements and fee structures unfold, Stericycle will keep you up to date and informed on the latest news. In the meantime, learn more about the EPA’s e-Manifest regulations here, or submit a question to Stericycle about e-Manifest regulations, click here.