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Hospitals and IDNs

How Stericycle Serves Hospitals

A portfolio of solutions, ranging from compliance solutions to communication solutions, to help integrated delivery networks, hospitals and their non-acute care sites manage their businesses within complex laws and regulations.

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Stericycle Protects Hospitals

Stericycle has 25+ years in the healthcare industry and is equipped to tackle today’s changing healthcare environment. Our team members are knowledgeable experts who stay on top of new compliance regulations at all levels.

With a wide array of essential and highly specialized compliance-based solutions and the scale, expertise, and experience we enable our customers to focus on what matters most: patient care. In doing that, we protect businesses, brands, employees and customers, and communities - we protect what matters.

Stericycle offers a variety of services to hospitals, including:

Controlled Substance Waste Programs

A safe and secure way to dispose of controlled substance waste.

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Sharps Management Service

We can help you streamline the safe collection and disposal of sharps. This environmentally-friendly solution can help increase safety and sustainability, so that your staff can focus on patient care.

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Answering Services

Stay connected to your patients with our live-voice answering services.

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Post-Discharge Calls and Patient Outreach

Ensure continued medical care and proper recovery with follow-up calls to patients after treatment.

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Virtual Receptionist

Answer your calls, schedule appointments, and provide customers with live-voice assistance and message delivery using an outsourced extension of your hospital or network.

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Pharmaceutical Waste

Reduce environmental and community impact associated with pharmaceutical waste by using a trusted disposal solution.

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Accreditation Compliance

Support accreditation with staff training on OSHA, RCRA, and HIPAA requirements for hospital off-site practices.

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Event & Appointment Scheduling

Registration services for a range of events, including consultations, seminars, fundraisers, physician appointments, and more.

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Patient Surveys

Collect patient feedback from online or telephone surveys.

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Secure Information Destruction

Through our Shred-it business line, Stericycle is the global leader in secure destruction of documents and e-medial providing valuable services that protect hospitals and patients.

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