SafeShield Antimicrobial Medical Waste Containers

Stericycle’s innovative new medical waste containers with antimicrobial properties

Since Stericycle’s beginning, we’ve introduced first-to-market products to best serve our customers.  Over the next 5 years, we will invest millions of dollars to standardize our container portfolio and upgrade our transportation and operational facilities.  These changes will lead to a cleaner and more attractive containers, better storage options for our clients, and more efficient logistics to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Our SafeShieldTM Medical Waste Containers are designed specifically for RMW generators, and are equipped with Cupron®, a copper-based antimicrobial protectant that can support your healthcare organization’s infection prevention program. 

Infection Protection and Compliance

  •  Embedded with antimicrobial properties to support infection prevention
  •  DOT-approved PGII rated container
  •  HDPE material – all plastic construction
  •  Smooth interior with built-in drainage ports for easy cleaning

Storage and Handling Ease

  • Integrated lid closes securely and eliminates lid misplacement
  • Built-in corner grips secure bags in place during use
  • Textured exterior areas for easy removal of adhesive labels
  • Nestable and stackable for efficient transport and storage

Movement and Transportation

  • Reinforced handles won’t flex while being carried
  • Split lid securely locks for storage and transport
  • Includes tie area for added security
  • Multiple accessories available to aid in movement throughout facility

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