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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Webinar Recordings and FAQ

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Last updated 2/22/2021

Available now!

Given the high levels of demand, the useful information shared, and the positive reception received, recordings of all Coronavirus webinars hosted by Stericycle are being made available for anyone to view. We encourage all professionals in medical waste management, hospital administrators, healthcare providers and laboratories from across North America to access the webinars and the useful information provided.

"COVID-19: The Pandemic in 2021" was hosted on February 17th. In this webinar, Cara Simaga, Director of Regulatory Affairs, and Richard Best, Director of Regulatory Affairs, discussed regulatory changes as a result of COVID-19 and best practices for handling waste from immunization efforts.
Click here to access the February webinar

"COVID-19: The New Normal" was hosted on July 29th. In this webinar, our experts discussed best practices for handling regulated medical waste, how organizations are adopting a new normal, and what to consider in regards to non-healthcare waste such as personal protective equipment (PPE).
Click here to access the July webinar

"COVID-19: Compliance for Waste Generators" was hosted on May 20th in partnership with Waste 360. In this webinar, Selin Hoboy, Stericycle's VP of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance, provided an update on the COVID-19 situation and Stericycle’s waste management plan. Learn also about personal protective equipment (PPE) and how workplaces will have to adapt as a result of the global pandemic.
Click here to access the May webinar

"COVID-19: Best Practices for Medical Waste Disposal" was hosted on April 29th. In this webinar, our experts discussed what is considered medical waste and if all medical waste is regulated. This included how different states approach regulating this waste and best practices for handling medical waste during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Click here to access the April webinar

"Coronavirus Waste Management: Facts not Fear" was hosted on March 25th. In this webinar, our experts discussed guidance on managing COVID-19 waste streams, key points from relevant agencies and trusted experts, and Stericycle's COVID-19 waste management overview.
Click here to access the March webinar


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