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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     February 2015     Five Strategies for Managing Compliance through Technology
Healthcare Solutions 03 February, 2015

Five Strategies for Managing Compliance through Technology

Medical practices are facing limited resources, decreased margins and growing patient populations in the current healthcare environment. These factors are greatly impacting workflows of already strapped practice staff, causing essential tasks to take a backburner, such as compliance efforts. technology The monitoring and tracking of a practice’s compliance with OSHA, HIPAA and other regulations, must be done effectively in order to avoid jeopardizing patient care and threatening the financial viability as an organization. In his recent Medical Practice Insider article, our CIO Dan Nerroth talks technology and its impact on compliance efforts and medical practices as a whole. He offers five key strategies that medical practices can employ while using technology to achieve their compliance efforts, from training staff to use online compliance tools to automating scheduling and reminders to remain compliant. To learn more about ways that organizations of all sizes can leverage technology as they move towards effective compliance workflows, read the full article here. Learn more about how Stericycle can help support your medical practice’s transition to technology-supported compliance. WATCH the video

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