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Solutions to Easily & Compliantly Dispose of Your New Wonder Drug

Whether you're a pharmaceutical manufacturer or a biotechnology company, Stericycle offers safe and easy-to-use patient support programs, compliance solutions and medical waste management services that allow you to focus on innovating for your customers.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Biotech Companies

Stericycle provides several highly specialized solutions to help protect and grow pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology companies. Our behind-the-scenes compliances services include: pharmaceutical waste disposal and a sharps mailback program services.

Discover the Stericycle difference:

  • Our team has the most experience managing highly complex and regulated business processes to lower your risk

  • To support your relationships with customers, our Expert Solutions team provides pharmaceutical returns and inventory management services

  • In the event of a recall, Stericycle's proven recall communication solutions ensure that the entire supply chain is aligned and informed throughout the recall process

Find out today how we can help you protect your business

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The information on your website is very informative. I have been able to pass on this information to my coworkers confidently. It has been nice being able to make our work environment a safer place to be.

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Stericycle Offers a Variety of Services to Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Biotech Companies, including: