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Disposal Solutions for Pharmaceutical Waste

Proper disposal of pharmaceutical waste can be challenging and confusing. It can be unsafe if done incorrectly or not at all. In fact, one in four (25%) of Americans admit to flushing  leftover/unused prescription drugs down the drain, and another 25% toss unused prescriptions in the trash, which can pollute drinking water and public waterways. By providing solutions for virtually all generators and users of pharmaceuticals, Stericycle is in a unique position to help you do your part to combat the opioid epidemic that our country is facing.


Seal&SendSM Controlled Substance Envelopes

For use by patients/ultimate-users for disposal of unused medication, medication cards and vials. Available in cartons of 50 or 500 envelopes. Each envelope holds up to 8 ounces of medication (maximum 4 ounces of liquid). Convenient for at-home program and immobile populations.                                   Cannot be used for pharmaceutical waste generated by hospitals, clinics or other businesses. LEARN MORE


CsRx® Controlled Substance Waste Service

Designed to help healthcare facilities dispose of controlled substances in the form of tablets, capsules, liquids and patches. Mitigates the risk of diversion when disposing of controlled substance waste in your facilities. LEARN MORE


Pharmaceutical Collection Kiosk Program

Consumers place expired or unused medications in collection kiosk drop-boxes for safe and secure disposal. Only non-controlled drugs and schedule II, III, IV and V controlled substances can be accepted. Cannot be used for pharmaceutical waste generated by hospitals, clinics or other                                businesses. LEARN MORE 


Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Drug Disposal Service

Treatment and disposal of both EPA/state hazardous pharmaceuticals and non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, including over the counter drug products. LEARN MORE 


See how Stericycle provides solutions for virtually all generators and users of pharmaceutical waste. To learn more about how you can stay protected. To learn more about how Americans feel about the opioid epidemic and drug takeback programs, see the results from our proprietary Takeback Survey

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