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Knowledge Center     Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals in Long-Term Care Facilities

Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals in Long-Term Care Facilities

What steps should long-term care (LTC) facilities take to protect themselves, their residents and the environment from the problems caused by the improper disposal of pharmaceutical waste?

This white paper examines the importance and unique challenges associated with managing hazardous waste pharmaceuticals in long term care facilities. It provides basic information to help LTC owners and operators better understand the current regulatory environment and best practices for pharmaceutical and hazardous waste disposal. Lastly, it will cover the benefits and options of implementing an effective program for hazardous waste pharmaceuticals with examples of successful initiatives. This includes concerted efforts between state agencies, LTC facilities and service providers of pharmaceuticals that must be managed as hazardous waste in accordance with the Federal EPA’s regulations. This paper does not address state regulatory requirements or the requirements under other statutes that impact the pharmaceuticals, such as the Clean Water Act, Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, and Controlled Substances Act.

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