July 11, 2023

Full-Service Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal for Hospitals

A full-service pharmaceutical waste disposal service can help hospitals protect their staff and patients. Hospitals, nurses, pharmacists, and directors also look for continuous training, waste segregation support, and reliable service to keep containers available for use.

Recognizing the importance of using data to support and drive decisions, Stericycle sponsored an independently administered nationwide blind survey with 200 respondents. The 2022 survey respondents indicated that 87% of nurses and pharmacists dispose of pharmaceutical waste four or more times per day and 46.5% of the total surveyed said they perform this task 10 or more times per day. These respondents are integral to pharmaceutical waste disposal and offer valuable opinions about the challenges faced, frequency of service, and training necessary to be efficient and compliant.

Highlights from the white paper:

  • Challenges facing nursing and pharmacy departments concerning pharmaceutical waste 
  • Standardized education and training to help improve compliance
  • Higher frequency of container exchanges to support internal teams by improving consistency and making it easier to comply with waste segregation requirements

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