December 24, 2018

Protect Your Organization with HIPAA Compliance

Mitigate the risk of a breach or HIPAA violation.

Your obligation to safeguard the privacy and security of patient information is not something to take lightly. Investing sufficient time and effort to accomplish all the activities that HIPAA requires is a challenge and many times the support and tools needed don’t exist. Making matters worse, the HIPAA Omnibus Rules have created additional requirements that make compliance more complex and time-consuming — even for the most conscientious and productive compliance officers.

It’s crucial that your organization achieves and maintains compliance relating to workforce education, proper documentation management, continual risk analysis, and ongoing monitoring.

Learn these 6 reality checks to ensure HIPAA Compliance:

  • Data Breaches Are a Constant Threat
  • OCR Audits Reveal Health Care Providers Are Not in Compliance
  • Workforce Members Pose a Significant Risk for HIPAA Liability
  • Patients Are Aware of Their Rights to File a Complaint
  • OCR Is Increasing Its Focus on HIPAA Enforcement
  • HIPAA Compliance Is Not an Option, It’s Law

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