November 18, 2020

Why Safe Medication Disposal Is Crucial

Prescription medication can be an important method of treatment for many healthcare patients. Despite the benefits, the longer that unused or expired medication sits in a medicine cabinet, the more likely it could be diverted from its’ intended use, leading to abuse, serious illness or even death. Many healthcare patients aren’t fully aware of the important role they play in disposing of any unused or unwanted drugs safely and securely.

According to the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly 10 million Americans misuse controlled prescription drugs, with the majority obtaining drugs from family and friends. Furthermore, a Johns Hopkins University survey found that 6 in 10 adults prescribed opioid painkillers end up having leftover pills. This presents a concerning issue when it comes to leftover prescription drugs. In order to combat opioid abuse, prescription drug take back programs are designed to encourage patients to dispose of unused or expired mediation securely and in a timely manner, preventing them from falling into the wrong hands and becoming an avenue for misuse.

Download our infographic to learn more about the impact that opioids have on communities and how a comprehensive drug disposal program can mitigate the risks. Visit Stericycle’s Pharmaceutical and Controlled Substance Disposal Solutions hub for more information.

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