August 16, 2021

Regulatory Compliance: The Hidden Benefits of Partnering with an Expert

Regulatory compliance is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of a healthcare organization. Fully meeting OSHA requirements and complying with HIPAA standards ensures organizations are doing their part to create a safe environment for patients and employees and taking the appropriate measures to protect sensitive and confidential health information.

Developing and maintaining a compliance program is essential to ensuring your organization is prioritizing safety and the security of patient information. While some organizations may opt to leverage internal resources, partnering with a third-party compliance expert, such as Stericycle, offers a wide range of options to provide your organization with the required support so you can focus on key priorities and optimize patient care.

There are several benefits to partnering with an expert, such as:

  • Supplementing Staffing. Partnering with a compliance expert helps organizations avoid overtaxing staff, ensuring employees can dedicate time to patient care and treatment. Even if you employ a dedicated compliance officer, they may benefit from consulting with dedicated OSHA and HIPAA experts to facilitate training and evaluate areas of risk.
  • Leveraging a Track Record of Expertise. Partnering with a compliance expert like Stericycle can provide peace of mind that your organization is receiving industry-leading policies, procedures, and training.
  • Reducing the Likelihood of Civil Penalties. Non-compliance with regulations can lead to violations resulting in costly fines. Following recommendations and best practices can help you avoid violations that can lead to both financial as well as reputational damage.   
  • Improving Patient Perceptions. 91% of healthcare organizations agree that companies need to do more to show employees and consumers how they are protecting personal information.1 Partnering with an expert can signal to employees and patients that you’re taking the necessary precautions to remain compliant and that their data is a top priority.

Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your compliance program by visiting our compliance hub or downloading our fact sheet.

Source: 1. Stericycle’s Shred-it Data Protection Report, 2020.

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