September 21, 2021

A One-Container Solution Can Streamline Waste Disposal

Time is a precious commodity in hospitals. Between the number of patients and the need to provide complex yet compassionate care, your staff does not have an extra moment to spend on inefficient waste disposal. By simplifying the management of two common waste streams, your staff can gain back critical time while increasing safety and quality of patient care. 

Facts About Sharps

  • Approximately 385,000 sharps-related injuries occur annually, and it’s estimated that half go unreported
  • Nurses are the most frequently injured
  • Common locations for needlesticks include patient rooms and operating rooms

Nursing Shortages and Stress

  • Insufficient staffing is raising nurses’ stress levels, impacting job satisfaction, and driving many to leave the profession
  • Higher nurse staffing levels are associated with fewer deaths, lower failure-to-rescue incidents, lower rates of infection, and shorter hospital stays

By disposing sharps and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste together in one container, you can improve efficiency AND decrease risk of improper disposal.

Using Stericycle’s Comingle Solution, You Can:

Save Time

  • Eliminate the need to leave patient room to dispose of non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste
  • For a 300-bed hospital, disposing of pharmaceutical waste at the point of patient care can save—2,184 hours per year—comparable to 1 full time nurse

Utilize Time Saved

  • Increase patient care and satisfaction with more time dedicated to evaluating and counseling patients on illness management
  • Monitor and record patient treatment
  • Expand time for nurses to decompress and practice stress relief activities

Promote Sustainability

  • For every reusable container in service, up to 600 single-use containers are diverted from landfills
  • Eliminate practice of flushing pharmaceutical waste, which contaminates waterways

Strengthen Compliance

  • Stericycle provides staff training to help ensure compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal
  • With ease-of-use, mitigate risk of pharmaceutical waste being disposed in red sharps containers – No meds in reds
  • Containers have OSHA-compliant engineering and labeling, with FDA 510K clearance

Mitigate Risk

  • Proactive container monitoring and exchange by Stericycle technicians prevents overfilling, reducing risk of needlesticks, and burden on hospital staff
  • Alleviate nursing stress, increasing staff morale and retention rates

To learn more about how Stericycle can improve efficiency and preserve safety for your team, visit our Comingle Solution page.

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