May 19, 2021

Stericycle and UPS Partner to Manage Medical Waste Logistics

UPS Healthcare has launched an ongoing partnership with Stericycle to manage the reverse logistics of medical waste, including waste classification and disposal. Through this partnership, UPS and Stericycle will provide end-to-end logistical support to the healthcare industry. UPS will not only deliver critical healthcare packages to organizations and customers nationwide, but also connect its partners with Stericycle to responsibly manage the disposal of medical waste. In turn, Stericycle will connect our customers with UPS for healthcare supply-chain support, including customizable packaging, transportation and monitoring.

Cory White, Stericycle Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer commented, “Our partnership with UPS Healthcare enhances our ability to connect people, knowledge, insights, and resources in ways that build healthier businesses and safer communities. Together, we’ll continue to protect the health and well-being of our customers and communities in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way.”

 “Partnering with Stericycle was an important step to round out our logistical support for healthcare customers,” said Wes Wheeler, UPS Healthcare president. “With the company’s support, we can help ensure the on-time delivery and responsible disposal of life-changing drugs, therapies and medical supplies.”

The Future of Healthcare Is Being Built Right Now

UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, is a long-standing provider of supply chain services for many of the world’s leading healthcare companies. For nearly 20 years, UPS has helped healthcare companies make their operations more precise, productive, scalable, and smart. With world-class services across inventory management, temperature-controlled packaging and shipping, storage and fulfillment of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, labs, and clinical trial logistics, UPS ensures the healthcare supply chain doesn’t skip a beat.

Likewise, Stericycle continues to innovate, developing new technologies and products to protect the safety and health of our team members, customers, and communities. With new and improved services, environmentally friendly facilities and trucks, ongoing efforts to digitize customer experiences, and our scale and resources, we protect what matters while driving value for our customers.

UPS and Stericycle are meeting healthcare needs now and in the future with decades of experience managing front-end logistics, as well as multiple complex and highly regulated medical waste streams on the back end. Together, we are helping the healthcare industry responsibly manage the disposal of medical, pharmaceutical, and sharps waste after care and therapies have been provided to patients. And we’re helping the healthcare industry make progress against sustainability and climate goals by diverting plastic from landfills and contributing to the circular economy in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way.

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Partnering to Protect What Matters

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, UPS has leveraged its capabilities to facilitate clinical trials, diagnostic testing, humanitarian aid, and the global distribution of vaccines, therapies, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Similarly, Stericycle has continued to protect what matters across the U.S. and internationally by sharing 30 years of medical waste management expertise with regulatory agencies, vaccine manufacturers and distributors, and customers. We help support pandemic-related waste disposal from testing, treatment, and vaccination sites, as well as by reducing the risk of diversion of vaccination vials and packaging. In partnership with UPS Healthcare, we will continue to play an essential role in protecting the health and well-being of the people and places around us now and in the future.

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