April 04, 2024

Stericycle Receives a B Rating on Third CDP Climate Change Survey

Stericycle is proud to announce it received a “B” rating on the 2023 CDP Climate Change Survey. This is Stericycle’s third year of participating in the CDP survey and the highest rating the company has received to date. Stericycle’s data has been added to the most comprehensive inventory of self-reported environmental data in the world.

CDP is a not-for-profit organization that manages the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states, and regions to manage their environmental impacts. The organization emphasizes environmental leadership with a scoring system that ranks companies from D- to A. In 2023, CDP scored over 23,000 companies on their environmental disclosures.

“Our engagement with CDP reinforces our commitment to protecting what matters – the health and well-being of patients, staff, and the communities we serve,” said Cindy J. Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer at Stericycle. “Our focus on ESG and sustainability is an ongoing pursuit, which we are actively incorporating into our everyday practices and into our strategic business plans.”

Stericycle’s CDP grade reflects initiatives and data from 2022. In 2022, Stericycle treated 1.5 billion pounds of medical waste prior to disposal, helping to protect the public from potentially harmful materials. Stericycle also shredded and recycled 1 billion pounds of paper, helping safeguard customers’ confidential information.  Additionally, the company helped its customers divert 101 million pounds of plastic from landfills by offering reusable rather than single-use sharps and pharmaceutical waste containers. Stericycle also treated 38 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste prior to disposal, helping to keep active pharmaceutical ingredients out of waterways.

In 2023, Stericycle took additional actions to improve its climate change impact, including:

  • Setting a global environmental target to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions for scope 1 and 2 in the United Kingdom by 2045 and globally by 2050.
  • Driving 2.3 million fewer miles and reducing carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 3,438 metric tons through routing efficiencies in North America during the first six months of 2023 compared to the same six-month time period in 2022.
  • Launching re-engineered one-gallon SafeDrop™ Sharps Mail Back and one-gallon CsRx® Controlled Substance Wastage containers, using 40% less plastic compared to the company’s prior containers, helping to reduce CO2 emissions associated with the manufacturing process.

“With over 23,000 businesses disclosing through CDP this year, it is clear that sustainability – and the data that underpins it – is not a ‘nice to have’ but an essential part of long-term success in the business community that is showing no sign of slowing down – nor should it,” said Sherry Madera, Chief Executive Officer at CDP. “By sharing environmental data with CDP, Stericycle is continuing an environmental journey that will contribute to keeping that future in sight.”

Further validating its commitment to sustainability, Stericycle was named a Green Company of the Year by BIG Awards for Business and received a gold award for Most Environmentally Responsible Company of the Year by Best in Biz in 2023.  Additionally, Stericycle’s Integrated Waste Stream Solutions (IWSS) service received a silver award for Most Environmentally Friendly Service of the Year by Best in Biz.

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