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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     June 2015     OSHA Healthcare Safety Improves Employee Satisfaction and Helps to Establish a Patient-Focused Care
Healthcare Solutions 09 June, 2015

OSHA Healthcare Safety Improves Employee Satisfaction and Helps to Establish a Patient-Focused Care Model

Patient-focused care has become a major strategic goal for many healthcare organizations, including smaller practices. In order to provide this type of care, the staff of a practice—from the doctors and nurses to administrative staff—must drive the effort. They are the lynchpin for the success of your patient-focused care model. One main strategy to get staff on board is to make sure they are happy and safe during their workday. Staff satisfaction can be directly tied to patient satisfaction, so it’s important to make sure employees feel they have a caring and safe work environment by complying with OSHA regulations. Silver Marbles Balancing on Scale Showcasing Importance of Workplace Safety, Patient Care and Technology


Establishing a Patient-Focused Care Model

In this recent Healthcare IT News article, “OSHA compliance: laying the groundwork for patient-focused care,” Richard Best discusses how OSHA compliance is enabling organizations to lay the groundwork for patient-focused care and the types of benefits this affords both employees and patients. Additionally, Best discusses how practices can best manage and maintain their OSHA compliance efforts through technology. From developing a written safety and health plan (sometimes called injury and illness prevention programs, accident prevention programs, etc.) along with other required plans such as a bloodborne pathogens exposure control plan, a hazard communication plan, etc., to automating employee training, these types of technology can help organizations streamline compliance efforts and focus on patients.

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