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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     August 2015     Leveraging Technology to Ensure Reliable Hazardous Drug Disposal
Healthcare Solutions 19 August, 2015

Leveraging Technology to Ensure Reliable Hazardous Drug Disposal

It seems like the impact of pharmaceutical waste on the environment hits the news every day, and your healthcare employees and community members are becoming more aware of these issues as well. It’s important that you’re working with your staff to ensure they’re aware of the proper way to manage these materials. Being prepared and knowing what to do will help you and your employees mitigate risks both for their health and the health of the environment, while protecting you from potential legal liability.

RCRA and Hazardous Drug Waste

In order to properly dispose of hazardous drug waste, healthcare organizations must comply with The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)—1976 legislation that governs waste management in the United States. This act is very detailed, which can make compliance complicated—especially for practices with limited time and resources. Companies, such as Stericycle, leverage healthcare technology to help with medical and dental practice management.

How to Leverage Technology for Hazardous Waste Disposal

In this recent HIStalkPractice article, Stericycle’s Kathryn Evans discusses the importance of complying with both state and federal RCRA regulations for hazardous waste disposal. Additionally, Evans talks about the different ways practices can leverage technology to make sure they’re efficiently and effectively doing so. From assessing which hazardous drugs pass through a facility through training staff to properly dispose of hazardous drug waste, leveraging technology can help medical and dental practices and other healthcare organizations quickly and comprehensively comply with RCRA regulation. Learn more about how Stericycle can support your organization’s hazardous drug disposal compliance efforts.

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