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Sharps Management Service

Streamline the process of collecting and disposing of sharps in the healthcare environment while utilizing reusable containers to improve sustainability and reduce staff exposure to needlesticks.

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25 Years' Experience Years’
Experience [1]
1.7B Medical Waste Properly Managed Medical Waste
Properly Managed [2]
70M Pharmaceutical Waste Safely Disposed Pharmaceutical Waste
Safely Disposed [3]
99.5% Percent On-Time Service Percent On-Time
Service [4]
1M in Commercial Liability Protection in Commercial
Liability Protection [5]

Stericycle Sharps Management Service (SMS)

Stericycle Sharps Management Service (SMS) has successfully provided safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective sharps disposal services to customers nationwide since 1986. SMS can help hospitals and their non-acute care sites be compliant and reduce staff exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Our Sharps Management Service Can Help You Reach Your Goals.

SMS streamlines the process of collecting and disposing of needles, syringes and other sharps, utilizing reusable containers. In high volume sharps disposal areas, such as hospitals, a Stericycle Service Specialist proactively exchanges the sharps containers. Stericycle’s reusable containers can also be utilized at your offsites to standardize across the health system. Stericycle helps eliminate the staff responsibility of ordering and monitoring sharps container inventory. Customers of Stericycle’s Sharps Management Service can experience the following benefits:

  • Increased safety & regulatory compliance

  • Controlled costs

  • Peace of mind

  • Minimization of your carbon footprint

Find out today how we can help you protect your business

Increase Safety & Regulatory Compliance

Sharps management minimizes staff exposure to sharps injuries, from the site of patient care through proper disposal — a critical directive to ensure a safe healthcare environment for all employees.

Our sharps reusable containers reduce the risk of injuries during disposal through the use of a vertical drop lid, requiring no manual intervention by staff. 98% of customers surveyed have reduced needlestick injuries from disposal within 1 year of implementing our program.1


Control Your Sharps Disposal Costs

As the impact of healthcare reforms continues to unfold and regulatory oversight increases, hospitals need cost-effective solutions that also decrease the impact of waste on the environment. SMS provides a program to meet these demands by reducing the risk of needlestick injuries and reducing red bag waste. This allows you to concentrate on your core mission — providing patient care.


Peace of Mind

Stericycle’s reusable containers have undergone rigorous testing, exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials(ASTM) puncture standard, and are 510k approved. After the full sharps containers are transported to our processing facility, lids are removed robotically with state-of-the-art automated equipment, and the containers are appropriately disinfected before reuse. Stericycle exceeds the FDA requirements of disinfection. All containers are quality assurance inspected after cleaning.

Stericycle’s nationwide coverage and redundancies in staff, equipment and processing facilities ensures uninterrupted service. This gives you of peace of mind that in the event of an emergency Stericycle still has you covered.


Reusable Sharps Containers Minimize Your Environmental Impact

To reduce environmental impact, the use of Stericycle’s reusable sharps containers significantly decreases the amount of treated medical waste sent to landfills by as much as 30%. One reusable container keeps 600 disposable sharps containers from reaching landfills. Reusing containers eliminates the need to manufacture new containers and helps conserve natural resources. What would your carbon footprint be with Stericycle’s reusable sharps containers?


1. Marython Associates, Inc and Stericycle data, May 2013.

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1) Founded in 1989. 2) Based on 2016 data. 3) Based on 2016 data, this includes RCRA and non-RCRA pharmaceutical waste. 4) Based on missed stops report for medical waste YTD through August 2017. 5) Based on June 2016 Commercial General Liability policy with a limit of $1M each occurrence.