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Sharps Management

Sharps Disposal and Management Services

We offer full-service, self-service, and mail back sharps disposal solutions to match your facility’s needs. 

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Increase Safety and Regulatory Compliance with the Leader in Sharps Disposal and Management

Customized Solutions 
Offering full-service and reusable options, as well as a variety of self-service and mail back options. 

Compliant Services
Handling end-to-end sharps disposal and documentation to maintain compliance with applicable state and OSHA regulations, depending on level of service selected and applicable to your facility. 

Safety at the Forefront 
Uniquely designed Biosystems™ containers are designed with safety in mind, using leakproof, puncture resistant plastics and ergonomic design to help minimize needlesticks.

Environmentally Friendly
Every single reusable sharps container is equal to 600 disposable sharps containers.


See Which Sharps Disposal and Management Solution is Right For You

  Standard Sharps Disposal Reusable Sharps Program Sharps Management Service Sharps Mailback Program

Service Description

Disposable sharps containers are placed inside the containers with biohazardous waste and picked up by a Stericycle driver.

A Stericycle driver picks up full, OSHA compliant reusable sharps containers with FDA 510K clearance packaged in corrugated boxes and replaces with clean, empty containers.

OSHA compliant reusable sharps containers with FDA 510K clearance are proactively exchanged by a Stericycle Service Specialist at the point of use throughout the hospital.

Disposable sharps containers are shipped to customers with easy-to-follow instructions and a prepaid return-shipping box.

Ideal For

Healthcare Facilities of All Sizes

Large Hospitals & Healthcare Networks

Large Hospitals & Healthcare Networks

Healthcare Facilities with Low Volumes

Retail Pharmacies

Key Benefits

Helps you Stay Compliant: Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant outer packaging provided

Convenient: Can be placed with biohazardous & medical waste when ready for disposal

Increases Safety: Easy-to-use container design allows for single-handed disposal of sharps and transparent container base makes it easy to see the fill line and avoid overfilling

Convenient: Eliminates ordering and monitoring inventory

Reduces Needlestick Injuries: In an independent customer survey, 98% of respondents report a decrease in sharps injuries during disposal, averaging 0-1 per year*

Increases Staff Time to Focus on Patient Care: Eliminates staff responsibility of ordering, storing, transporting and monitoring inventory

Save Time and Effort: Auto-replenishment option and regular reporting

Flexible Container Design: Allows many types of sharps waste (needles, injector pens, syringes) and available in a variety of sizes

Convenient Disposal: Vertically integrated design, fulfillment and disposal

*Marython Associates, Inc and Stericycle customer data, May 2013

Why Stericycle?

Your Single Nationwide Partner

Your Risk Reduction Experts

Your Sustainability Champion

We manage all major regulated waste streams and offer OSHA and HIPAA compliance training, delivering a 99.7% on-time pick-up rate1 with our fleet of more than 7,000 trucks.

We reduce your risk through full chain of custody and proprietary, real-time tracking systems in addition to compliance experts to keep you informed of federal, state, and local regulatory developments.

We minimize landfill waste, collecting 56 million pounds of plastic and 1.5 billion pounds of paper, and are invested in reducing our fuel-related emissions, achieving a 4% reduction from 2017 to 2019.2

1. Based on Stericycle data, RMW Missed Stops Report, YTD August 2018.
2. Based on Stericycle data, 2018. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to dispose of sharps correctly?

Contaminated sharps can spread infections that can cause serious health issues if not disposed of safely. Stericycle recommends collecting sharps materials in FDA compliant leak-proof, puncture-resistant containers and manage transportation and disposal through a properly permitted vendor.  

What is a sharps container?

A sharps container has been specifically designed to safely and compliantly hold discarded sharps material. Stericycle sharps containers have received 510k market clearance by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class II non-critical medical device and good manufacturing practice (GMP) is following during manufacturing. Stericycle’s reusable sharps containers also meet Department of Transportation (DOT) standards that require sharps container to have a leak-proof bottom and sides for transport. 

What goes in a sharps container?

The following items should be placed in a sharps container: needles, syringes, scalpels, contaminated and/or broken glass, broken capillary tubes, broken rigid plastic, lancets, and needle counters. 

Items that should not be disposed of in a sharps container include: tape, paper, bandages/gauze, exam gloves, alcohol preps, liquids, batteries, hazardous waste, and pharmaceutical waste.  

Where can I get a sharps container?

You can obtain a sharps container from Stericycle – we’d be pleased to help you. Contact us via the phone number on this webpage or by filling out the “Request Free Quote” button on the top right of this webpage. 

How do you treat and dispose of sharps containers?

Sharps containers are treated to kill pathogens, bacteria and other infection-causing agents. Single use sharps containers should be processed through a treatment method, such as autoclaving and would then be sent to landfill for disposal. Reusable sharps container contents can be emptied to be treated and disposed of, and the sharps container itself should be decontaminated to be prepared for re-use. Please contact Stericycle for support in properly disposing of sharps containers.    

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