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Rejected Cargo and APHIS Waste Disposal Solutions

With the unique nature of Animal and Plant Inspection Services (APHIS) waste and rejected cargo, Stericycle has a solution that's designed to fit your specific needs.

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25 Years' Experience Years’
Experience [1]
1.7B Medical Waste Properly Managed Medical Waste
Properly Managed [2]
70M Pharmaceutical Waste Safely Disposed Pharmaceutical Waste
Safely Disposed [3]
99.5% Percent On-Time Service Percent On-Time
Service [4]
1M in Commercial Liability Protection in Commercial
Liability Protection [5]
A Leader of Regulated Waste Solutions

Stericycle’s services for Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) waste and rejected cargo destruction leverages our core discipline of strict regulatory control with our broad experience in regulated waste management.

Our APHIS and rejected cargo destruction services help facilitate safe trade and international travel by properly disposing of wastes from:

  • International flights

  • Cruise ships

  • Other seagoing vessels

In addition to our airport and seaport destruction services, we offer compliant disposal and management services for hazardous, universal, biohazardous, solid waste, and recycling for planes and ships.

Our International APHIS Waste Services Are Customized to Meet Your Needs.

At Innovative Waste Solutions, a Stericycle company, we understand the importance of APHIS and rejected cargo destruction services you can trust. That’s why we ensure that our services are:

  • Compliant

  • Time-sensitive

  • Responsive and reliable

Find out today how we can help you protect your business

Our APHIS Disposal and Rejected Cargo Destruction Comply With Your Regulations.

From the one-time pickup to routine service, we provide appropriate transportation, destruction, disposal, and documentation of waste generated from your international flights or ships.

Our team measures and manages the waste and recycling operations from beginning to end. Moreover, we have compliance agreements in place throughout the country to handle your international waste and APHIS waste for airports, caterers, and shipping lines. Our Efficient APHIS Waste Services Focus on Your Time Limits

We understand your urgent requirements and implement programs that help resolve potential waste concerns.

Cruise lines in particular have minimal time to discharge all waste and recycling streams. These time constraints demand careful planning, precise attention to detail, and efficient execution — our specialty.

Ports vary with regard to the local environment and security requirements. When Stericycle manages your operation, ships do not sail late due to waste-related issues. Our Responsive and Reliable Waste Services Offer Peace of Mind.

We offer our waste service at all major international seaports and airports in the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Canada, and Mexico.

We can also help you establish step-by-step comprehensive waste programs for each vessel or plane.


Even when emergencies occur, our team can provide services on a timetable that maintains your regulatory compliance. Our 24/7 availability offers you peace of mind — whether at sea or in the air. We Proficiently Coordinate the Destruction of Cargo Rejected by CBP.

Customs brokers and importers also rely on our extensive network of waste services. The CPB requires a certified destruction of materials that enter the United States. When your cargo is rejected our team coordinates all the logistics to transport the rejected cargo and certify its destruction according to legal requirements. Comprehensive Experience You Can Trust


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The information on your website is very informative. I have been able to pass on this information to my coworkers confidently. It has been nice being able to make our work environment a safer place to be.

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1) Founded in 1989. 2) Based on 2016 data. 3) Based on 2016 data, this includes RCRA and non-RCRA pharmaceutical waste. 4) Based on missed stops report for medical waste YTD through August 2017. 5) Based on June 2016 Commercial General Liability policy with a limit of $1M each occurrence.