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Industrial Hazardous Waste

Safely transport and dispose of any hazardous waste; managed with a fleet of specialty equipped and permitted vehicles and a national network of Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities.

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Industrial Hazardous Waste

In addition to the primary goals of ensuring health, safety and sustainability, managing waste on an industrial scale often has two practical objectives: minimizing long-term liability and controlling costs. Industrial waste services, from routine waste pickups to large-scale environmental initiatives, must be handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. In addition to being expensive, any industrial waste regulatory violation or oversight has the potential to seriously impact employees, the public and the environment.

Stericycle Environmental Solutions delivers a comprehensive portfolio of environmentally responsible, flexible and cost-effective offerings to help customers with any hazardous waste management need. Every customer need is addressed with an expert staff, exceptional customer service, a firm commitment to compliance, and state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. Teams of engineers, chemists and environmental health professionals provide every customer with decades of experience and the industry’s best service. Our staff is empowered by web-based tools, a fleet of specially equipped and permitted vehicles and a national network of Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDFs).

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Bulk Shipments

Like many of our customers, Stericycle is constantly looking for ways to enhance the value we provide while simultaneously managing costs. Waste transportation costs can add up quickly, particularly when waste is generated on an industrial scale. Efficiencies matter—every trip avoided and every square foot of space saved has an impact.

Technicians are trained to consolidate shipments and equipment (including vacuum trucks, tankers and other specialty vehicles) to efficiently collect waste and transport it for either disposal or processing at one of our strategically located Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities. By deploying the most efficient transportation possible, including trucks modified to improve fuel efficiency, we further reduce both the cost and the environmental impact of each load:

  • Hotline and appointment system

  • Door to door collections

  • Program planning

  • Household sharps planning

  • Community education and outreach

  • Staff training

Reuse, Repurpose and Recycling Services

Any organization, and particularly those that generate industrial waste, must face the simultaneous challenges of managing their waste, maintaining compliance and minimizing environmental impact. It is especially important to address these challenges in the face of increasing regulatory and consumer focus on environmental responsibility. For both hazardous and nonhazardous waste, destruction and disposal are not the only options. Many waste types, for example, can be recycled, reused or repurposed in various ways, some of which constitute disposal according to the EPA. Through alternative use, reuse, and reclamation, Stericycle offers manufacturers and other businesses and waste generators cost-effective industrial waste services. Teams of experts collaborate with customers to recycle as much waste as possible in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) hazardous waste recycling regulations. Customers of all sizes receive professional guidance on how best to reuse, reclaim and even generate energy from material that would otherwise be considered waste. Waste management expertise helps industrial customers determine which recycling options best suit any particular budget and waste stream. Unparalleled guidance is offered for the following solutions:

  • Alternate uses for hazardous waste (use constituting disposal): for example, some hazardous waste can be converted into fertilizer.

  • Incorporating hazardous waste into other products (use constituting disposal): using waste material to make other materials such as asphalt.

  • Reclamation of waste to recover usable components: examples include recovering mercury from broken thermometers; distilling used solvents to re-purify them; and reclaiming metals, paint and batteries.

  • Direct use or reuse of a waste as an ingredient in a product or substitute product: for example, latex paint can be mixed with ash to make cement mix for concrete.

  • Combustion for Energy Recovery, or using wastes either as a fuel or as a heat-producing ingredient: oily wastes, for example, can be used to generate steam or electricity.

  • Recovery and/or Purification of Spent Solvents, Petroleum and Used Oils: recycling initiatives for acetone, paint thinner, engine oil, metalworking fluids, hydraulic fluids, refrigerator oil, and more.

  • Recycling packing material used to protect items during shipping.

Stericycle Offers a Variety of Solutions for Waste Services, including:

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A safe and secure way to dispose of controlled substance waste.

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Integrated Waste Stream Solutions for Hospitals

Take the complexity and risk out of handling multiple waste streams in hospitals and major medical facilities with our integrated waste stream solutions.

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Pharmaceutical Waste

Reduce environmental and community impact associated with pharmaceutical waste by using a trusted disposal solution.

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1) Founded in 1989, Stericycle has over 25 years of experience. 2) Based on 2014 data and includes both hazardous and medical waste. 3) Based on 2014 data, this includes pharmaceuticals from all customers including retailers. 4) Based on missed stops report for medical waste YTD through September 2016. 5) Based on June 2016 Commercial General Liability policy with a limit of $1M each occurrence.