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Household Hazardous Waste Programs

Expert guidance and infrastructure to support community collection programs for household hazardous waste.

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25 Years' Experience Years’
2B of Regulated Waste Managed of Regulated
Waste Managed[2]
30M Pharmaceutical Waste Safely Disposed Pharmaceutical Waste
Safely Disposed [3]
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1M in Commercial Liability Protection in Commercial
Liability Protection[5]

Household Hazardous Waste Solutions

Consumers are often unsure about how to properly manage and dispose of the many household hazardous wastes commonly found in most homes. As a result, municipalities often take on the responsibility of launching initiatives and programs to facilitate the collection and disposal of household hazardous waste. However, any hazardous waste effort, from a single collection event to a long-term program, presents a certain amount of risk in the form of penalties for violations, health and safety concerns, and the potential for environmental harm.

Stericycle Environmental Solutions is the country’s leading provider of household hazardous waste management and industrial waste services. The combination of a national network of permitted TSDFs, recycling facilities, transfer facilities and a fleet of specially equipped vehicles helps customers to manage everything from permanent collection efforts to temporary collection events. A full spectrum of services, from door-to-door collections to training and complete management of household hazardous waste programs, helps keep communities clean while limiting long-term liability.

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Household Hazardous Waste Solutions

An expert staff is thoroughly trained for every household hazardous waste situation and meets all federal and state training requirements, including Emergency Response Training and Hazardous Waste Operations training. For any customer need, from a single collection event to an ongoing household hazardous waste management program, an experienced team is assembled to deliver fully customizable offerings such as:

  • Mobile collection events

  • Waste transportation and disposal Permanent facility operations

  • CESQG consolidation programs

  • Door to door collections

  • Mobile collection events

  • Program planning

  • Household sharps planning

  • Community education and outreach

  • Staff training

Stericycle brings decades of waste management and environmental services expertise to every household hazardous waste need. Regardless of scope, a commitment to the mission of providing innovative and sustainable solutions to protect people and safeguard the environment is always at the forefront.

Stericycle Offers a Variety of Solutions for Waste Services, including:

Biohazardous Waste

Stericycle is a leader in providing waste transportation and disposal solutions for specialized and regulated waste streams.

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Controlled Substance Program

A safe and secure way to dispose of controlled substance waste.

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Integrated Waste Stream Solutions for Hospitals

Take the complexity and risk out of handling multiple waste streams in hospitals and major medical facilities with our integrated waste stream solutions.

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Pharmaceutical Waste

Reduce environmental and community impact associated with pharmaceutical waste by using a trusted disposal solution.

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1) Founded in 1989, Stericycle has over 25 years of experience. 2) Based on 2014 data and includes both hazardous and medical waste. 3) Based on 2014 data, this includes pharmaceuticals from all customers including retailers. 4) Based on missed stops report for medical waste YTD through September 2016. 5) Based on June 2016 Commercial General Liability policy with a limit of $1M each occurrence.