Controlled Substance
Waste Program: CsRxTM

As the leader in healthcare waste management, Stericycle can help you reduce the risk of diversion with our controlled substance waste program: CsRx.

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25 Years' Experience Years’
2B of Regulated Waste Managed of Regulated
Waste Managed[2]
30M Pharmaceutical Waste Safely Disposed Pharmaceutical Waste
Safely Disposed [3]
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1M in Commercial Liability Protection in Commercial
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A Leader of Regulated Waste Solutions

Our Stericycle Regulatory Expertise Is Integrated Into Our Many Services

Our extensive expertise offers regulatory compliance solutions that help you comply with local, state, and federal regulations as well as industry guidance and professional association standards. Depending on your industry and the services you provide, you may be legally compelled to comply with US federal regulations monitored by:

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Navigating the Challenges of Regulations and Diversion

Disposing of controlled substance waste can be problematic for both consumers and the healthcare industry. It must be performed in a manner that both prevents diversion of controlled substances and also meets DEA regulations.

The DEA regulations can be confusing and, if controlled substances disposal is not handled correctly, the risk of fines and other DEA corrective action can come into play. Stericycle has safe and secure methods for retail pharmacies and hospitals to securely dispose of controlled substance waste in a compliant manner.

It is well documented that misuse of controlled substances by patients and healthcare workers has led to a greater awareness of how these substances can be diverted. That is why choosing a method for disposal that is both DEA compliant and also prevents diversion is paramount.

Stericycle Offers a Variety of Solutions for Waste Services, including:

Biohazardous Waste

Stericycle is a leader in providing waste transportation and disposal solutions for specialized and regulated waste streams.

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Integrated Waste Stream Solutions for Hospitals

Take the complexity and risk out of handling multiple waste streams in hospitals and major medical facilities with our integrated waste stream solutions.

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Pharmaceutical Waste

Reduce environmental and community impact associated with pharmaceutical waste by using a trusted disposal solution.

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Rejected Cargo and APHIS Waste

Comply with USDA requirements related to wastes covered by Animal and Plant Inspection Services (APHIS).

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1) Founded in 1989, Stericycle has over 25 years of experience. 2) Based on 2014 data and includes both hazardous and medical waste. 3) Based on 2014 data, this includes pharmaceuticals from all customers including retailers. 4) Based on missed stops report for medical waste YTD through September 2016. 5) Based on June 2016 Commercial General Liability policy with a limit of $1M each occurrence.

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