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Workplace Sharps Disposal Service

Commercial Disposal of Needles, Syringes and Sharps

The wide-spread use of self-injected medications has prompted many businesses to seek sharps disposal solutions to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries in their facilities. We can help you promote a safe and healthy environment.

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Proper Disposal of Sharps Leads to a Safe and Healthy Environment for Employees and Customers

Prevent Needlestick Injuries
In a recent survey, 38% of respondents* have disposed of used sharps in public trash cans because there were no safe disposal containers nearby and they had no other choice. Protect your staff from accidental needlestick injuries when cleaning restrooms and removing trash.

Safeguard Your Community
Protect the environment through responsible disposal, ensuring that sharps do not end up in municipal waste streams.

Provide Convenience and Elevate Your Brand
Patients often seek the privacy of restrooms to discretely and safely inject their medication used to treat chronic illnesses, such as diabetes. 42% say* that a lack of public safety disposal containers is the biggest challenge they face when it comes to sharps disposal.

Sharps Waste Disposal
Stericycle offers sharps containers in a variety of sizes, which can be securely mounted to workplace restroom walls. Our most popular option, a stainless-steel wall cabinet is a sleek, space saving unit that fits a 1.4-quart sharps container.

* Stericycle National Consumer Diabetes Survey 2019: Access to Care and Sharps Disposal in the Diabetes Community, September 2019.
**Route-based service available in most areas.

Safe Sharps Disposal Options for Workplaces

Full Service: Sharps Container Pickup

In this route-based option, containers are securely mounted to restroom walls. A Stericycle drive will pick up full sharps containers and replace them with clean empty containers**.

Our Drivers

Safety is our top concern and as a result our drivers have to pass a rigorous screening process, including the following.

  • Background checks and drug screenings
  • Physicals, vision test, road tests
  • Safe driving and defensive driving tests
  • Daily vehicle inspections

Self Service: Sharps Mailback Program

A sharps mailback kit contains everything needed to collect and dispose of sharps. Once full, package and return the container for destruction using the provided shipping box.

Program Includes:

  • Sharps container and plastic liner
  • Lockable cabinet
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Pre-addressed, postage-paid return shipping labels
  • Bar-coded return shipping container
  • Pre-paid disposal
  • Serialized tracking documents (for tracking and proof of waste destruction)

Why Stericycle?

Your Single Nationwide Partner

Your Risk Reduction Experts

Your Sustainability Champion

We manage all major regulated waste streams and offer OSHA and HIPAA compliance training, delivering a 99.7%1 on-time pick-up rate with our fleet of more than 7,000 trucks.

We reduce your risk through full chain of custody and proprietary, real-time tracking systems in addition to compliance experts to keep you informed of federal, state, and local regulatory developments.

We minimize landfill waste, collecting 56 million pounds of plastic and 1.5 billion pounds of paper, and are invested in reducing our fuel-related emissions, achieving a 4% reduction from 2017 to 2019.2

1. Based on Stericycle data, RMW Missed Stops Report, YTD August 2018.
2. Based on Stericycle data, 2018. 

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