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We've Got Your Industry's Waste Management Covered

No matter your industry, Stericycle offers industrial waste management services to fit your needs. Our turnkey waste, compliance and communications solutions work in the background so you can focus on your customers.

Healthcare Professional Offices

Ensure the safe disposal of sharps, mercury and amalgam. Meet the challenges of OSHA, HIPAA and coding compliance.

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Hospitals and IDNs

Reduce risk, protect team members and patients, and promote overall health with our regulated medical waste management and RCRA hazardous waste management services.

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Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Reduce the environmental and community impact associated with pharmaceutical and biotech waste by using a trusted disposal solution.

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Retailers & Pharmacies

Get and stay compliant through retail hazardous waste management, pharmaceutical returns or disposal, and medical waste services.

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Ensure safe and compliant amalgam and mercury disposal. Meet the challenges of OSHA, HIPAA and coding compliance.

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Small Businesses

From funeral homes to tattoo parlors to dry cleaners and everything in between, Stericycle is a leading provider of solutions to protect and grow small businesses.

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Ensure safe and compliant biohazardous waste and sharps disposal and meet the challenges of OSHA compliance.

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Schools and Universities

Keep students and staff safe with a variety of containers and easy mailback service for hazardous laboratory waste and sharps.

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Government and Military

We help county and city health departments, state-run institutions, emergency responder teams and the military meet the challenges of OSHA, HIPAA and EPA compliance.

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We help manufacturers properly recover products, while our quality audits and mystery shopping ensure that your manufacturer upholds quality standards.

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Maritimes and Airlines

We deliver a complete program to effectively manage wastes in a safe, compliant and environmentally sustainable manner while facilitating safe trade and international travel.

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Service Providers

Get behind-the-scenes support services to help your business focus more on customers.

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...Make[s] Our Work Environment a Safer Place to Be

The information on your website is very informative. I have been able to pass on this information to my coworkers confidently. It has been nice being able to make our work environment a safer place to be.

Katy M Rio Grande Dermatology