16 January 2018

Reflecting on 2017

The beginning of the New Year is a natural time to pause and reflect on the previous year, take stock of successes and challenges, and prepare for the year ahead. As we think about all the natural disasters that have occurred, this was certainly a hard year for many. At Stericycle, we are committed to providing services that protect the environment, people and public health and are passionate about giving back, especially during these times of need.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the earthquakes in Mexico and the wildfires in California left a path of destruction across North America. However, through those challenging times, we saw moments of kindness, bravery and strength. We are proud of our team members rallying together to help their communities during these natural disasters. Stericycle quickly collected donations of supplies, food and clothing and delivered them to effected team members and the surrounding communities.

While many lost power, streets became impassable and businesses closed, we provided much needed services to the healthcare facilities in the area so that they could continue to take care of the injured and sick.

The holidays can be challenging for those less fortunate and we pride ourselves on giving back. This holiday season, we participated in several charitable causes:

  • Operation Santa Clause – helping disadvantaged parents obtain gifts for their children

  • Salvation Army’s Angel Tree – providing children in need with holidays gifts and toys

  • Bears for Babies – delivering ‘SteriBears’ to sick children

At the end of December, we hosted our 10th annual Good Riddance Day in New York City, where individuals say goodbye to their unwanted memories from 2017 to make room for 2018. Participants brought everything from pictures to bills, so they could shred it and forget it! Be in the lookout for a recap on this event in next month’s newsletter.

While those are just a few examples of Stericycle giving back in 2017, we are proud members of the communities our team members work and live in, and we take pride in helping those in need. We thank you for your contributions in 2017 and look forward to the year ahead.

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