16 April 2018

Preserving Our Waterways through Better Waste Management

For years, people have worried about pharmaceutical waste seeping into our waterways. A 2008 survey detected pharmaceuticals in the drinking water of 24 major water systems, serving 41 million Americans. Since then, a number of similar studies have been conducted suggesting that pharmaceuticals and personal care products have contaminated virtually every body of water tested to some degree. These studies noted that dangerous chemicals have been leaching out of other areas as well, such as landfills.

Because of the mounting concern, regulatory bodies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have increased their focus on pharmaceutical waste disposal requirements to limit such pollution. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations—especially smaller entities—aren’t as familiar with these regulations as they should be and may not know how to appropriately dispose of hazardous drug waste.

Part of the challenge is the time it takes to fully understand the regulations and implement solutions to effectively preserve the environment. Organizations often are caught up with other priorities and either don’t have the resources to create a pharmaceutical waste program, or if they do, they might not know where to begin.

This is where a reliable waste management company like Stericycle can help. We have deep knowledge of the relevant regulations and have the expertise to help you manage and safely dispose all of your pharmaceutical waste streams.

With our pharmaceutical waste services we can help you be compliant with the EPA, DOT, DEA and state waste regulations, as well as accrediting agency standards (e.g. The Joint Commission, DNV). We also have solutions to help you safely and securely manage your controlled substance waste and mitigate the risk of diversion.

At Stericycle, we help our clients become effective stewards of the environment. To learn how our pharmaceutical solutions can help your organization properly dispose of drug waste and keep our waterways clean, call us at 855-602-6279.

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