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Small Businesses

Small Business Waste Management Solutions

Stericycle offers small business waste management solutions to a variety of small businesses
around the US. Learn how Stericycle can help enhance your business.

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Solutions for Small Business Waste Disposal

Stericycle has decades of experience providing compliant solutions for regulated waste management. For small businesses, we manage the disposal of regulated medical waste and biohazardous waste as well RCRA hazardous waste. We are also a leading provider of OSHA compliance resources that make it easy to protect your business and keep your staff trained on OSHA standards.

Stericycle can also help build your relationships with customers through a variety of communication solutions. We can help you stay connected with your customers through after-hours answering services, appointment reminders, and automated messaging services.

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Discover the Stericycle difference:

  • Ensure safe and compliant biohazardous waste and sharps disposal with our variety of containers and easy mailback service.

  • Enjoy the most dependable local service, with more locations and trucks than anyone else.

  • Meet the challenges of OSHA compliance (and avoid fines and lawsuits) with our online and on-site training resources.

  • Get expert help fast with our U.S.-based customer support team.

  • Save money by combining all the services you need, like waste management, document destruction and communications solutions.

Find out today how we can help you protect your business

...Make[s] Our Work Environment a Safer Place to Be

The information on your website is very informative. I have been able to pass on this information to my coworkers confidently. It has been nice being able to make our work environment a safer place to be.

Katy M Rio Grande Dermatology

Discover Small Business Waste Management Solutions

Hazardous Waste

Safely transport and dispose of virtually any hazardous waste while meeting all regulatory and sustainability goals.

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Answering Services

Stay connected to your patients with our live-voice answering services.

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Shop Store

Shop from a wide range of products, including sharps containers, infection control products, specialty waste containers, lids and dollies, mailback solutions, cleaning supplies, bags, and labels.

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OSHA Compliance

Protect your staff and facility with a suite of online or on-site Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) education and safety training resources.

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Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-show rates and missed appointments with our telephone, email, or text message notifications.

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Secure Information Destruction

Through our Shred-it business line, Stericycle is the global leader in secure destruction of documents and e-media providing valuable services that protect hospitals and patients.

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