In-Home Sharps & Medication Disposal Solutions

Safe and convenient solutions for the collection and disposal of sharps waste and unwanted medications from the comfort of your home.

Protect Your Family, Community, and the Environment Through Safe Disposal of Medication And Sharps Waste

Stericycle’s mission is to protect your health and well-being in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way. ​

​Our SafeDrop™ mail back sharps containers and Seal&Send™ Medication Mail Back Envelopes were developed to help reduce risks associated with storing and disposing of waste produced by home injectable therapies and prescribed medications. These solutions also bring convenience to maintaining your health treatments. ​

In striving to shape a healthier and safer world for everyone, everywhere, every day; our Safe Community Solutions:​

  • ​Help reduce the likelihood of needlestick injuries for you and your family​
  • Provide tools to help you combat the opioid epidemic by helping you to properly dispose of unused medications, which can lessen the risk of accidental or illicit use​
  • Reduce the amount of untreated drug waste sent to landfills and help keep pharmaceutical waste out of our waterways by reducing disposal via "flushing" or "sewering"​
Learn How  Pharmaceutical Waste Can Impact Our Waterways

Disposal Of Used Sharps

SafeDrop brings safety and ease to disposing of sharps waste (syringes and injecting pens) produced by injectable therapies for conditions such as diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases, hormone deficiencies, and fertility treatments. Durable, portable containers with secure lids and clearly marked biohazardous labeling allows you to store used sharps at home and when you’re on the go. 

SafeDrop Mail Back Disposal 

Receive a container with a prepaid shipping box for easy mailing to a medical waste treatment facility.​

  1. Fill container with sharps waste up to the clearly marked fill-line​
  2. Place container in prepaid shipping box​
  3. Mail container back to Stericycle via the United States Postal Service

Self-Disposal Option

Receive a container to dispose of in your regular trash. (Check with your city, county, and/or waste hauler to confirm that this method is acceptable.)

  1. Fill container with sharps waste to the clearly marked fill-line​
  2. Secure full container with heavy duty tape​
  3. Dispose of container directly in trash (or per local requirements)

Disposal Of Unwanted or Expired Medications

Seal&Send Medication Mailback Envelopes

​Our DEA-compliant drug take back envelopes help you reduce the environmental impacts and public health risks associated with leftover medications by mailing unwanted items in an anonymous, prepaid USPS envelope for secure destruction via incineration.

Conveniently mail unused, expired, or otherwise unwanted medications for treatment and disposal to decrease the likelihood of drugs like these ending up in the wrong hands:

  • Opioids and other pain medications​
  • Anti-Depressants​
  • Hormone medications​
  • Blood-Pressure medicine​
  • Antibiotics

Using our mail back envelope in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Deposit medications into prepaid envelope (reference enclosed instructions for details, including accepted and prohibited items)​
  2. Seal the envelope by removing plastic protector from adhesive strip and pressing adhesive firmly to side of envelope​
  3. Place sealed envelope in your outbound mail or drop off at your local post office

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