October 30, 2023

Key Components For a Compliant and Sustainable Pharmaceutical Waste Program

Join Alex Chapman, Director of Regulatory Affairs as she presents key components for a compliant and sustainable pharmaceutical waste program. Designing and maintaining a compliant, sustainable waste program can be complex. It requires a generator to define their specific objectives and with leadership support, identify and apply key components such as regulatory and business requirements to a structured process. Especially because pharmaceutical waste can be among the most challenging of waste streams to manage, it is critical that generators engage appropriate stakeholders as they work through program design, implementation, and maintenance. Key components may include defining capital and resources, understanding the requirements, creating a program strategy and implementation plan, and program measurement and maintenance.  In this session, we will provide a review of the key components and high level process to design and maintain a compliant and sustainable pharmaceutical waste program within your organization and the home care space. 

We encourage all customers and those responsible for medical waste, including hospital administrators, laboratories, and other healthcare providers, to watch.

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