September 26, 2018

Sharps Mail Back Program

Facilitating Safety for Injectable Therapies

Pharmaceutical companies invest a significant amount of time, resources and money in developing, marketing and distributing injectable therapies, which patients administer to themselves in the privacy of their homes. For patients to get the most benefit from these treatments, they must reliably take injectable medications and safely throw away used needles, such as insulin syringes. Treatment adherence improves the likelihood that a medication will make a positive difference in a patient’s life, while proper needle disposal protects the individual from potential injury.

To ensure patients effectively administer and don’t waste injectable medications, it’s important for pharmaceutical companies to make a commitment to patient success at every step along their injectable medication therapy journey—starting with a robust patient support program that makes sharps disposal safe and convenient. Working with a strategic partner to help patients dispose of used syringes can improve the patient experience and enable easy compliance. Stericycle’s Sharps Mail Back Program can serve this purpose with its three essential components:

Documentation of Patient Compliance

The sharps mail back program includes confirmation of medication shipment, delivery, return and proper sharps disposal. Based on the data collected, pharmaceutical companies can develop metrics to spot trends and proactively respond to concerning issues. They can also use data to reinforce therapy and treatment adherence.

Patient-Centric Design

An easy-to-use sharps mail back kit makes compliance simple for the patient. Clear instructions guide the patient through the process, giving them confidence as they go along. The kit’s user-friendliness can cultivate brand loyalty and set your company apart from your competitors.

Convenient Needle Disposal

Stericycle uses special sharps containers that have a vertically-integrated design to prevent needlestick injuries and safeguard patients. Once a needle disposal container is full, there is a straightforward mail back procedure that includes a pre-paid shipping box and return labels.

Send a Positive Message to Your Patients

Having a strong support program like Stericycle’s reinforces your pharmaceutical company’s dedication to patients’ health and safety, and it underscores your commitment to sustainability by preventing used needles from entering the environment. To learn more about how Stericycle’s Sharps Mail Back Program can help improve the patient experience click here.

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