December 21, 2018

New Technology Transforming Waste Management

Transparency and efficiency abound in retail businesses. Someone who orders a pizza, for example, can go online to watch every moment in its journey from oven to front door. Hail a ride from Uber, and the app reveals the car’s precise arrival time as well as the exact route it’s traveling.

In the world of healthcare, organizations can now expect the same kind of visibility and productivity in their existing workflows and operations. Stericycle is launching a new tool, Tech Connect, which is a game-changing smartphone application that enables real-time management of service technicians’ daily appointments.

Up until now, most hospitals knew their service technicians were on-site only if they happened to check in when they arrived. Tech Connect now let’s technicians clock-in and out on an android smartphone and see their appointments for the day. They then open each appointment to start the service, and close it when the service is complete. Supervisors can see where technicians are, and how long each service is taking.

Best of all, the application can alert hospital administrators when services are being performed — or when there’s an unexpected disruption or delay. That way, everyone can work together proactively to take steps to ensure service completion and to assess continued service needs in real time. While this is just the start of how this new technology can allow us to better service our customers, we’re excited for the months ahead as we roll this tool out nationwide.

Along the same lines, Real-Time Tracking — which uses GPS to help determine the best ways to direct, monitor and manage technicians’ routes — is another technology being used to raise the bar on service consistency and efficiency. By optimizing routing schedules, it allows customers to enjoy reliability rates near 100 percent. Later in 2018, we aim to expand this technology into shredding routes and add some state-of the art functionality to further improve the customer experience.

Together, solutions like Tech Connect and Real-Time Tracking are bringing a higher level of communication and productivity to customers. While today’s healthcare organization can now expect increased visibility and responsiveness, these technologies promise to bring unmatched opportunities for proactive waste management in the future.

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