November 30, 2018

Are Your OSHA Safety Plans Up to Date?

Checking in on OSHA Compliance

The start of a new year presents a prime opportunity to take stock of your OSHA compliance, including your health care organizations’ safety plans. Safety plans address vital topics such as avoiding bloodborne pathogens (BBP) exposure, preventing workplace injury and illness, hazard communication and emergency preparedness. Not only do they lay the groundwork for employee safety, professionally maintained safety plans cultivate conditions that support better patient, visitor and community health. The drive from health care leaders to foster a safety culture for their employees has been a leading force in improving their patient care, employee wellbeing, and their facilities’ overall success.

OSHA requires organizations to update their plans when certain things change so examining these policies annually with experts on OSHA regulations can help ensure that your facility is compliant and it reassures employees that management leadership is committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Reviewing Your Safety Plans: What Should Health Care Organizations Look For?

Each safety plan should detail how the organization meets OSHA requirements and ensures proper staff training on each topic at hand. Plans should be site specific and indicate who in the organization is responsible for compliance. They should also keep safety plans current, providing clear documentation of review and update.

Seeking the Assistance of an OSHA-Experienced Partner

When reviewing your organization’s safety plans, it’s not uncommon to find that existing documents might be falling short or aren’t current with the latest information needed to remain compliant. In these situations, it can be helpful to consult an expert with deep OSHA experience and easy-to-use tools. For example, Stericycle’s safety plan builder available through guides you in generating comprehensive safety documents that are customized to your organization. The safety plan builder is straightforward, does not require any previous OSHA experience to complete and each plan can be completed in under an hour.

Stericycle also certifies that plans include all necessary elements required by OSHA and provide specific forms to document plan review, offering organizations peace of mind and a way to easily demonstrate that plans are up-to-date. In addition to safety plan creation, Stericycle can also assist organizations in preparing for an OSHA visit. For instance, Stericycle’s onsite mock OSHA evaluation lets your staff experience what an OSHA encounter might entail and helps your organization get ready.

Don’t leave your OSHA compliance to chance, let Stericycle’s expertise help you create a safe, healthful and compliant environment in the New Year.

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