Ebola Waste Preparedness

Based on 33 years of experience serving hospitals and health systems through public health threats, including Ebola and COVID-19, Stericycle is equipped to help you prepare and support your waste management needs with solutions to manage this complex waste stream.

If your facility has a suspected or confirmed Ebola case, immediately contact your local and state health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Please reference the CDC Guidelines to: Identify, Isolate and Inform as well as Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines.

You may also reference the CDC’s Preparing U.S. Hospitals for Ebola document to view the levels of acute facility care for Ebola assessment and treatment.  

Next, contact Stericycle Customer Experience at 866-338-5120.

We will help you by:

  1. Sharing the list of required Ebola waste supplies noted in Stericycle’s Ebola Waste Management Requirements & Packaging Procedures document.
  2. Supporting you with rapid ordering and shipping of Stericycle Ebola Waste Management kits, providing waste supplies capable of supporting ~24 hours of patient care.
  3. Providing an Ebola Waste Label kit should a positive Ebola diagnosis occur.

Hospital Preparedness Resources: 

As you prepare your staff and facilities should a positive Ebola case occur, the following resources can be downloaded or requested to support your training and/or communication needs.

Ebola Waste Management Requirements and Packaging Procedures

Details on essential waste containers, labels, and packaging processes. Based on the number of suspected cases and/or confirmed cases, our Customer Experience team can recommend and drop-ship the Ebola waste management supplies best suited for managing waste properly.  Please fill in the form to the right to download this asset.

Ebola Waste Procedures Alert Label

Print-ready resource and affix per hospital policy to waste containers while awaiting patient diagnosis. We recommend you label waste per Ebola waste requirements only after a patient’s diagnosis is confirmed. Management of regulated waste stemming from Ebola patient care is more costly for the hospital and requires a unique handling method for Stericycle and our partners.  

Download Ebola Waste Management Requirements and Packaging Procedures

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Waste generated from the care of patients diagnosed with Ebola is classified as "Category A" infectious material by the U.S. Department of Transportation. When managing Ebola waste in 2014, we learned that one patient will generate eight to ten 55-gallon drums of waste per day. Our nationwide network of team members, facilities, and partners is preparing to rapidly respond with supplies should a positive Ebola test occur at your hospital.

Thank you for being a Stericycle customer. We take pride in caring for the health and well-being of the people we serve, and the environments in which care is provided.

Please contact Stericycle Customer Experience at 866-338-5120 or customer-relations@stericycle.com for urgent needs or questions.