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Healthcare Solutions 31 October, 2016

Pie in the Face

At Stericycle, giving back is an integral part of our company culture. One of the ways we like to give back is through charitable events that raise funds for causes that are important to our employees and to their families. This October, our Northbrook office wanted to raise money for breast cancer education and awareness, a disease that affects 1 in 8 women in their lifetime. With so many women and families impacted by breast cancer, we found a collaborative way for our employees to contribute to a great cause and have fun at the same time. Danielle Litton, CE Supervisor and a missionary through ta non-profit organization, Army of the Kind, wanted to bring a fun event from the missionary field to the office. Being a lead member of the Northbrook Culture Committee she extended this fun event to the entire office; the Breast Cancer-Pie in the Face Fundraiser – it really is as fun as it sounds! If an employee makes a donation of any kind, whether it’s $2 or $20, they get to pick the top three company managers or executives they want to pie in the face. If an employee’s donation is out-bid, then the employee who out-bid them gets to pie that manager in the face instead. This created an atmosphere of friendly competition in the Northbrook office, with 75 different managers participating and four different pie-ing stations. Over 100 employees donated, raising over $2,625.00. Not only will these donations help other women and families cope with breast cancer, but they will also support Stericycle’s own employees. One participant in this year’s pie in the face competition is a three-time breast cancer survivor. Another man made his donations in honor of his mom, who beat breast cancer. Being able to rally behind our employees and show them support is extremely important to us and to our company culture. Looking forward to next year, the Northbrook office plans on continuing the Pie in the Face fundraiser, with a goal of $5,000 in donations. We thank everyone who participated and can’t wait for next year’s event.

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