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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     November 2016     HIPAA Considerations for 2017
Healthcare Solutions 14 November, 2016

HIPAA Considerations for 2017

Although there are no new requirements for 2017, there are emerging dynamics that could affect healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Some key things to keep in mind regarding the Health Insurance and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are:

• Phase Two HIPAA Audits – The Office of Civil Rights performed tabletop exercises to gauge HIPAA compliance. This audit examines an organization’s policies and procedures related to privacy, breach notification, and security rules. In 2017, organizations should be prepared to participate in the exercise.

• Increasing Ransomware Attacks – This type of malicious software encrypts data with a key known only to the hacker, making the data inaccessible to regular users. The hacker holds the information hostage, demanding users pay a fee to release the data.

• The Continuing Importance of Compliance- Organizations can limit the chances of HIPAA compliance issues by being proactive with their current processes.

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