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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     November 2015     Minimizing Infection Risks
Healthcare Solutions 11 November, 2015

Minimizing Infection Risks

Recently, in Environment of Care Leader, Betty Jones, director of infection prevention and employee health at Sierra View Medical Center in Porterville, California, shared her facility’s experience using our reusable sharp containers. For the past five years, Sierra View Medical Center has used our Sharps Management Service. When we heard that Sierra View is able to maintain C.diff rates below 0.01 percent while using our reusable sharp containers, we were thrilled. First, this means that a proactive sharps management strategy using our containers works year-over-year, exactly as intended. At Sierra View, infection risk is minimal, staff and patients are safe and the facility maintains compliance. Not only are we enthused by Sierra View’s success, but we know the medical center is not alone. Hundreds of healthcare facilities and affiliate locations are experiencing the same success with our containers. This means that the bar is continuously raised for infection-rate expectations throughout the industry. This is the kind of impact we always knew was possible.

If a facility is looking to replicate the success seen at Sierra View, Betty offered a few insights to be considered. First, engage a third-party sharps management expert. Once a partner is identified, develop cross-functional teams to continually analyze how your facility can lower infection rates. Once best practices and a proactive sharps management system is in place, these teams should assess an infection from every angle, collecting sound data to identify the cause. And lastly, all learnings gathered should be incorporated into standardized protocols. These protocols must then introduced to all staff, particularly those involved with the disposal and use of sharps and sharps containers.

We congratulate Sierra View, and hope Betty’s insights inspire other facility leaders to get started and continuously improve infection prevention strategies. Learn more about sharps service for hospitals

Posted by Maria Lyubelsky