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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     November 2014     What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know about Web Portals—Not Just for Patients.
Healthcare Solutions 05 November, 2014

What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know about Web Portals—Not Just for Patients.

Dan Nerroth, chief information officer at Stericycle Inc., has authored an article in Healthcare IT News that explores the various ways in which web portals can be used within the healthcare industry. In the article, Nerroth gives insight into why this type of technology is ideal for many types of stakeholders within the healthcare setting – not just for patients. MyStericycle-1 Utilizing a web-based portal has so many business benefits it’s becoming a no-brainer in terms of adoption rates. Organizations are using the technology to facilitate essential business and operational processes more efficiently, improving workflow and more effectively supporting compliance. Recognizing these important benefits, Stericycle jumped on board to develop a robust, web-based solution for its customers called It provides a number of advantages to make customer’s work day easier so they can concentrate on their patients:
  • A streamlined way to access and pay invoices so you’re never late with a payment
  • A scheduling tool: plan, change, cancel pick-ups or request supplies to save you time and money
  • An education platform to inform, interact, and transact that makes compliance tasks simple and easy
A web-based portal such as allows healthcare organizations to monitor, track and report on key operations, allowing them to improve essential processes that ultimately support enhanced patient care delivery and promote organizational viability. is an important ingredient to Stericycle’s secret sauce for customer success, and Stericycle is excited to offer customers continued online benefits for their business. WATCH the short video

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