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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     May 2015     The Balancing Act Between HIPAA Compliance and Running a Business
Healthcare Solutions 05 May, 2015

The Balancing Act Between HIPAA Compliance and Running a Business

With competing priorities and limited resources, your medical practice or health care facility is constantly performing a balancing act between meeting regulations and running a business. If you aren’t focused on HIPAA compliance because you don’t think an audit or breach will happen to you, you could be “walking the tight rope” toward HIPAA issues.

With limited time, resources and regulatory expertise, how can provider organizations focus on both patient care and making sure they remain HIPAA compliant?


The Importance of a HIPAA Compliance Strategy

In this recent Same Day Surgery article, compliance advocate Susan Stolz discusses the importance of having a HIPAA compliance strategy in place for smaller practices and facilities, and the risks of not doing so, including breaches, audits and financial penalties. Additionally, the article discusses a few key strategies that facilities can leverage to successfully remain compliant, including training staff, conducting risk assessments and documenting policies. Doing so can help you achieve the balance between HIPAA compliance and focusing on what you do best—providing great patient care. Learn more about how Stericycle can support your organization’s HIPAA compliance efforts. Request a free, no obligation quote for Stericycle’s Steri-Safe HIPAA Compliance Program today.

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