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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     July 2016


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    Healthcare Solutions 21 December, 2016

    FDA Issues Ban on Powdered Gloves

    Effective January 18th 2017, powdered gloves, powdered patient examination gloves, and absorbable powder for lubricating a surgeon’s gloves will be banned by the Food and Drug Administration.

    Healthcare Solutions 20 December, 2016

    Controlled Substance Management in Healthcare

    Many different types of regulations face hospitals and healthcare facilities.

    Healthcare Solutions 15 December, 2016

    Fostering a Culture Focused on Sharps Safety

    Healthcare Purchasing News reporter Susan Cantrell’s recent article “Sharp Points” reminds healthcare workers that “taking the appropriate safety precautions does not end on the operating table.”

    Healthcare Solutions 29 November, 2016

    Men, Mustaches, Movember

    This November, our Northbrook office has been raising funds for men’s health and awareness through

    Healthcare Solutions 14 November, 2016

    OSHA Considerations for 2017

    As the final quarter of 2016 progresses, many organizations are looking ahead to the new year.