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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     July 2016


Get tips, data, quizzes, statistics and best practices on health care solutions from the industry leader.

    Healthcare Solutions 14 June, 2017

    Untangling California’s Complex Regulatory Environment

    This blog provides insight into the factors that differentiate Stericycle from other potential vendors, particularly for the highly regulated California markets.

    Healthcare Solutions 20 April, 2017

    Celebrating Earth Day

    As a partner to U.S. hospitals, Stericycle is proud to be a catalyst to help sharpen healthcare facility leaders’ commitments to greening their waste stream operations

    Healthcare Solutions 10 April, 2017

    How to Reduce Drug Diversion and Improve Controlled Substance Disposal

    A hospital using Stericycle’s CsRx™ Controlled Substance Waste Service was featured in Pharmacy Purchasing & Products.

    Healthcare Solutions 20 March, 2017

    New White Paper: Getting a Handle on Drug Disposal?

    Many healthcare organizations might be aware of some of the key tenets of proper drug disposal, but it is essential that healthcare organizations implement a solid program to prevent negative environmental impacts.

    Healthcare Solutions 23 February, 2017

    Drug Diversion Prevention with Proper Prescription Drug Disposal

    “Proper Drug Disposal Protects Patients, Caregivers,” makes a link between diversion and proper waste stream management practices for pharmaceuticals.