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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     July 2016     Medical Economics: Part 1 of 3
Healthcare Solutions 19 July, 2016

Medical Economics: Part 1 of 3

Smaller practices often struggle to remain compliant across various regulatory areas; from coding to OSHA to HIPAA compliance, this can be a lot on a practice’s plate. Especially with limited resources and time, it can seem almost impossible. But, don’t worry—there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s easier to reach that you’d think.

In our new Medical Economics series, we discuss how maintaining compliance from a comprehensive, strategic perspective, rather than treating it piecemeal, can help practices better address regulations, allocate resources and protect their organizations.

In part one , Lyn Triffletti discusses this concept from a coding perspective, detailing how practices can apply this process to properly train staff, code effectively and prepare for any potential audits. In parts two and three of the series, we’ll discuss how this overarching approach can be applied to HIPAA and OSHA compliance and the benefits practices can achieve from this process.

To learn more about how Stericycle can support your organization’s compliance efforts, click here.

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