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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     July 2016     Maintaining Information Privacy in a Big Data Environment
Healthcare Solutions 15 July, 2016

Maintaining Information Privacy in a Big Data Environment

Big data is central to almost every conversation in healthcare right now, be it population health, the transition to value-based care or even precision medicine. The bottom line for all of these programs is the need for trusted, secure data to help us make informed decisions and meaningful improvements to the healthcare system. An often overlooked, yet incredibly important foundation for any data-driven program is HIPAA compliance. Though HIPAA has been around for twenty years, compliance in this arena is essential as we collect and analyze more and more data to power industry evolution. In a recent BC Advantage article, our own Lyn Triffletti, CCSP, CPCO, CPC, PCS, vice president of compliance at Stericycle, talks about how HIPAA is a key first step to any strong data program. Triffletti also discusses how practices can start down the HIPAA compliance road, detailing key strategies to push them toward compliance, including assessing current compliance states and executing ongoing training programs for staff members. To learn more about how Stericycle can help support your medical practice’s HIPAA compliance and other compliance efforts, click here.

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