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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     July 2015     Meaningful Healthcare Compliance Partnerships
Healthcare Solutions 20 July, 2015

Meaningful Healthcare Compliance Partnerships

Stericycle Leads the Way in Healthcare Compliance Partnerships

Rich_DAddarioRich D’Addario is a Senior Vice President at Stericycle. During the course of 22 years, Rich has built a team that fosters customer collaboration and partnership.
  At Stericycle, we are in the protection business – protecting people and brands while promoting health and safeguarding the environment. Our waste stream management services deliver this promise by helping healthcare leaders proactively mitigate risk and achieve safety, sustainability and culture milestones.
In our experience, we have found the best applications of our services surface when we collaborate with our customers in a meaningful way— rolling up our sleeves, asking questions and really listening to hospital and healthcare staff from various functions. No one knows more about the culture, operations and other needs of a health system or healthcare practice like its leadership and staff.


Our customer partners at Sharp HealthCare (SHC) just published an article in Executive Insight about the importance of balancing risk and reward to deliver the best patient care in a compliant and safe environment. SHC partnered with Stericycle to proactively manage the disposal of sharps, sharp containers and pharmaceutical waste across its expansive network. With adoption of these waste stream management services, SHC is able to proactively avoid risks and sustain a culture of safety and innovation. This partnership was successful because of meaningful collaboration. SHC leadership gave us the opportunity to look under the hood of their operations. Together, we rounded patient-care floors and gained insights from doctors, nurses and other staff. Working with SHC leaders, we identified services, products and process improvements that helped reach compliance and operational goals. We shared what has worked at other facilities, and identified key regulatory and other compliance considerations. Overall these improvements will help reduce staff injuries from needlesticks – a pervasive problem in the healthcare industry. Stericycle partners with a wide range of businesses and customers. Our healthcare partners range from large healthcare systems to individual private practices.

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