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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     February 2015     Taking a Harder Look at HIPAA Compliance Is Good Common Sense.
Healthcare Solutions 12 February, 2015

Taking a Harder Look at HIPAA Compliance Is Good Common Sense.

Failure to identify and address basic risks or to actively follow what is documented in policies and procedures puts PHI at risk and can compromise the financial well being and reputation of your organization. That’s why every business can benefit from a harder look at their HIPAA compliance. To comply with the HIPAA Security Rule, you must continue to review, correct or modify, and update security protections for electronic PHI. All health care providers who are “covered entities” under HIPAA are required to perform a risk analysis. (This analysis is also required if you are receiving EHR incentive payments). Your HIPAA risk assessment should reveal areas where your organization’s PHI could be at risk. Stericycle offers a secure, easy-to-use experience on for performing your HIPAA Security Risk Assessments AND HIPAA Privacy Risk Assessments. At you can repeat your Security and Privacy Risk Assessments when needed as new technologies or business operations are planned.

Stericycle is helping more providers understand what’s expected of them—and successfully do the work that HIPAA requires.

Contact us today to learn more about how Stericycle helps HIPAA covered entity health care providers conduct their required HIPAA risk assessments, establish effective policies and train staff on best practices for safeguarding protected health information.  

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