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Blog     Healthcare Solutions     February 2015


Get tips, data, quizzes, statistics and best practices on health care solutions from the industry leader.

Healthcare Solutions 16 February, 2015

Minimizing Risk Is Top of Every Great Leader’s Mind

Hospital leadership and its teams are focused on cost management and risk-reduction strategies while also juggling government mandates, patient safety and quality.

Healthcare Solutions 12 February, 2015

Taking a Harder Look at HIPAA Compliance Is Good Common Sense.

Failure to identify and address basic risks or to actively follow what is documented in policies and procedures puts PHI at risk and can compromise the reputation of your organization.

Healthcare Solutions 11 February, 2015

The Importance of Protecting Your Patients’ PHI

Newest HIPAA Settlement Underscores Consequences of Failing to Identify and Address Basic Risks to Protected Health Information (PHI)

Healthcare Solutions 03 February, 2015

Five Strategies for Managing Compliance through Technology

Medical practices are facing limited resources, decreased margins and growing patient populations in the current healthcare environment.

Healthcare Solutions 02 February, 2015

Mark Your Calendar

As a leader in compliance for health care facilities, Stericycle wants to ensure physicians meet all necessary government deadlines.